CONROI was a term used by 12th century Anglo-Norman writers to describe a battle formation, typically with reference to mounted Knights. In the 21st Century, the Conroi is a team of riders and re-enactors specialising in recreating ancient and medieval horsemen, whether Roman or Norman 'Equites', or mounted Saxon or Viking warriors.  Since 2007 the Conroi have performed at Historic sites and castles all around the UK, and have formed the core of the Norman cavalry at the annual Battle of Hastings event for English Heritage. The Conroi have a solid reputation for their riding in recreations of battles, and also perform exciting ‘skill at arms’ displays, as well as dramatic tournament combats and ‘melees’.

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NIGEL AMOS has been a leading rider and the contact point for the Conroi since its earliest days. Nigel is now a self-employed events professional and performer with a solid reputation for providing a wide range of services for TV, Film and public displays.

Nigel provides horses and riders for events and filming, as well as Commentary and narration, script consultancy and show and combat direction.

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The events for 2017 are:

17th/ 18th June: King William at Lincoln Castle 

1st/ 2nd June: Roman Turma Show, Bitts Park

25th- 30th July: Arundel Castle Joust and Medieval Tournament

21st/ 22nd October: Romans Return, Lincoln Castle