Horses and Riders

Nigel and the Conroi use horses that are fit, fast and able to perform in exciting displays, while also having very steady temperaments that make them very safe to use at public events. Some of the horses can be used to have inexperienced or even non-riders mounted on them for set-piece acting roles.

As well as their more typical Norman period activities, Nigel and the Conroi have in recent years been developing their activities in re-creating Roman Cavalry of the second century, often working with the world-famous Ermine Street Guard.  in 2017 Conroi riders we were heavily involved and featured in the Hadrian's Cavalry Turma project, a series of events at sites along Hadrian's Wall such as Arbeia Roman Fort, which will be featured in BBC Documentaries later this year.

Our ridersd are highly adaptable and have also performed as Boer War mounted Kommandos during English Heritage's (EH) Festival of History events, and at Audley End House in a series of Victorian displays and (with Historic Equitation) as mounted Marshalls at EH Joust shows.