Performance, Commentary and Show Direction

As well as being a seasoned events and filmwork performer, since 2013, Nigel has provided script, battle direction and dramatic commentary for the closing weekend of the annual Yorvik Viking Festival for York Archaeological Trust. In 2015, Nigel provided script, commentary and direction to over 200 re-enactors of the Viking Age in a challenging and dramatic night performance of the first battle between the Gods of the Vikings.

During 2015 he has provided commentaries at English Heritage’s Clash of Knights show and Grand Medieval Jousts at Pendennis Castle. In Jousting events for English Heritage at Eltham palace and Kenilworth castle, Nigel performed and refereed the competition as the Knight Marshall on one of his own horses in a competitive joust between 15th century knights in full steel harness (with Historic Equitation).


For the Viking Raiders and Invaders event for English Heritage at Old Sarum in Wiltshire, Nigel provided Conroi riders and horses as well as script, commentary and direction in a dramatic display recreating the first Viking Incursions into Wessex (with the Vikings Society).

2015 saw the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and Nigel scripted, directed and performed in a dramatic presentation at Hedingham Castle. The show featured dramatic (and occasionally comedic) dialogues exploring some of the issues that led to Magna Carta, as well as an exciting Grand Melee Tournament featuring Knights on horse and foot in chivalric combat.

Nigel and the Conroi returned to the Magna Carta theme, performing as King John and his Knights in Medway Council’s ‘Great Siege of Rochester’ film and live event.



Also in 2015 Nigel developed a series of displays for English Heritage at Audley End house exploring Victorian equestrianism. These days were extremely well received by visitors and were packed with fascinating historical content, from the challenges of stable management at the property to the etiquette of ladies riding sidesaddle and the sweeping and radical reforms of the Victorian military which arose from the debacle of the Crimean War and the Charge of the Light Brigade.