Recent and Upcoming Events

During 2016 the Conroi performed at a series of Norman period events for English Heritage, culminating in October with the 950th anniversary of the battle of Hastings.  

To commemorate the occasion, Nigel planned and led a march of over 300 miles from York to the Battle of Hastings on behalf of English Heritage. Using a combination of privately owned horses with horse and transport provided by our friend Dominic Sewell of Historic Equitation Ltd, the journey on horseback and foot left York on Sunday 25th September, reaching London on Friday 7th October before finally arriving at Battle Abbey on Friday 14th October, 950 years after the fateful day.

You can see a photodiary of the journey on our facebook page at The Conroi - 1066 March

Recently, Nigel and the Conroi have provided horses and riders to perform as Roman Auxilia Cavalry alongside the renowned Roman Re-enactors the Ermine St Guard at sites such as Wrest Park for English Heritage and Lincoln Castle.  This led us to play a key role in a series of exciting events during 2017 along Hadrian's Wall, recreating Hadrian's Cavalry.